XPower PB12+ Built In Cables Power Bank

High power all built in

XPower PB12+ Power Bank, the sister to the highly successfully PB8+ Power Bank. We heard your comments, we know what you want and the PB12+ is here to fulfil it. With 3 in built cables to suit your needs, never be worried about being caught without a cable anymore. XPower PB12+ also comes with a […]

XPower PB8+ Built In Cables Power Bank

Built-in for your convenience

The PB8+ Power Bank is built for those who always find themselves in the situation where they brought out their Power Bank out but forget to bring out their cable. They end up having a power source without the ability to transfer the power into their dying smart phones. XPower PB8+ Power Bank comes with […]

XPower PB7Q Ultrathin Power Bank

Share your power

Make someone's day by sharing your PB7Q Ultra thin Power bank! It has 1 MFI Lightning cable and 1 Micro USB cable, both built in the power bank itself, allowing you to charge 2 devices simultaneously.