Xpower Aluminium Alloy Premium Mouse Pad

A prime product for your work.

Frustrated with your current mouse pad quality? Bored of the typical leather mouse pad that is sold in stores everywhere? XPower is here to break the culture norm. Introducing the XPower Aluminium Alloy Premium Mouse Pad. It is built to last with it non-slip foundation surface which is suitable for both optical and laser mouse. […]

XPower Aluminium Alloy MicroUSB to TypeC Adapter

Making the switch, easier!

We understand not everyone is fully prepared and committed to the switch to the new TypeC. You may not want to invest fully and give up the precious MicroUSB port that we have grown to love over the years. Have no fear! We are here to make the switching process a lot easier. You won’t […]

XPower BH1 Bluetooth Sport Headphones

Incredibly small & amazingly light

XPower BH1 Bluetooth Sport Headphones, specially designed for sports and fitness. The XPower BH1 Bluetooth Sport Headphones only weigh 14 grams. It is incredibly small and amazingly light despite its small size it provide 4 hours of battery life for your listening experience. It comes with multipoint function so you will still be able to […]

XPower BE2 True Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Earbuds w/charging case

True Wireless Experience

With the launch of Apple airpods, a new era of wireless earpiece trend is sweeping countries worldwide. Of course we can’t be left out. Introducing the latest XPower product, XPower BE2 True Wirless Bluetooth 4.1 Earbuds. XPower BE2 True Wireless 4.1 Earbuds is equipped with the latest bluetooth technology all users will be able to […]

XPower Aluminium Alloy Foldable Laptop Stand

Change your viewing posture

We all spend long hours on our laptop so a proper viewing angle is important not only for our eyes but for our back as well. Introducing XPower Aluminium Alloy Foldable Laptop Stand, it will correct your viewing posture for sure. Made with premium aluminium alloy material and equipped with anti-slip strip, this will be […]

XPower Premium Leather Aluminium Alloy Selfie Stick

Never miss a photo opportunity

XPower Premium Leather Aluminium Alloy Selfie Stick will be the only selfie stick you will need to bring out with you. The complete set comes with 9 items in 1 pack. This will ensure that you will never miss any photo opportunities presented to you. The perfect accessory to complete your holiday packing. Each XPower […]

XPower Black Universal Car Mount Holder

One button release for ease of use

These days no one seem to be able to leave their phones alone even when they are driving. With roads getting more confusing referring to your phone for navigation service seem to be essential. The XPower Black Universal Car Mount Holder is built with a super sticky gel pad that will stick to your windshield […]

XPower Silver Magnetic Car Mount Holder

Magnetic car mount holder for less fuss.

For the driver with a bad sense of direction or the driver who must constantly have their phone in plain sight. The XPower Silver Magnetic Car Mount Holder is the perfect car accessory for you. Simple and easy to use! Just stick the metal pad onto your phone and you're done. Now you just have to place your phone onto the holder and the magnet will do its work. No more fussing about with the gps, place the Magnetic Car Mount Holder onto your dashboard and you're good to go!

XPower Premium Leather Mouse Pad

Premium quality for premium work

Frustrated with your mouse? Can never get the sensor to work properly? Can't seem to get your mouse onto the exact point you want? Say goodbye to all those issue when you use XPower Premium Leather Mouse Pad. With XPower Premium Leather Mouse Pad you will never experience all those issues and you will look stylish doing your work. Made with High quality PU Leather this mouse pad is sure to last thru the test of time.